Rick Warren to Interview Candidates?

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows that I don’t do politics. And I don’t complain much either because I don’t want to be one of those people who complains but never does anything. My thoughts on politics are pretty simple. I wish that government would do it’s job with integrity and the least amount of my money as possible. Of course I have some wish list stuff like:

  • I wish we’d manage money better
  • I wish we could trust politicians more
  • I wish we had more comprehensive health care
  • I wish we had better foreign relations
  • I wish that it didn’t cost millions of dollars to become a president (imagine that money going to better the infrastructure of America)
  • I wish that people with no money had as strong a voice as those with too much
  • I wish the common person had an honest chance to become President
  • I wish we weren’t at war

Then I got this in my inbox today:

Dear fellow pastor and church leader,

This next Saturday, August 16, 2008, I will interview Senators John McCain and Barack Obama for an hour each at our nationally televised Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency. The following morning I will be preaching a message entitled “The Kind of Leadership America Needs.”

I’d value your opinion and feedback. What question would you ask BOTH candidates if you had the chance?  Please frame your question in a way that it could be asked of both candidates (to be fair) and email it to me at pastorrick@saddleback.net. This would be a great help to me.

We’re in this together.  I also ask you to pray I’ll have the necessary wisdom. This will be an historic event. Never have the two candidates been interviewed by a pastor in a church. It will be a great day for all churches, showing the importance of the local church being at the civil table.

I thank God he has called you to serve Him.  For the global glory of God.

What are you’re thoughts? I’d love to hear them here, and to get the word out to share them with Pastor Warren. This ought to be interesting…

4 thoughts on “Rick Warren to Interview Candidates?

  1. Scott Fillmer

    That is pretty incredible… I have to ask myself if there is a reason that no two presidential candidates have ever been interviewed by a pastor in church, but, they will be now.

    I have mixed feelings about this but rarely have you ever been able to truly separate politics from faith, it was much of who the Israelites were.

    I guess I would try to go for something different, and ask each one “what role do you see the church playing in our country’s future”.

    Scott Fillmers last blog post..What is Grace Without Change

  2. Paul

    Praise God for men like Pastor Rick. God has his hand on him and he is willing to go where many men are afraid of doing. I am looking forward to this interview and to hear their answers.

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