Resource Center Updated

I spent a little time updating the resource center here at betterthanblank. I was researching how to cool off this MBP, when I found this very disturbing article. Then I found some resources to try and control the temperature of this monster, and was reminded to add the software to my resource center. So I added about a dozen new links to various categories. The page is basically a running list of cool sites I find that might be useful for web, design, getting things done, open source, ministry, etc.

Check it out! (for future reference, the link is on the right sidebar a couple sections down)

One thought on “Resource Center Updated

  1. Billy Chia

    Your resouce list is slick bro. I’ve been thinking for a long time about doing something similar to promote all the tools and sites that help me so much, but your’s is pretty solid man, I’ll have to point people there.

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