Recipe for Good Guitar Tone

You could,

a. be this guy
the edge


1. Obtain a quality vacuum tube instrument amplifier. This method may not work well if the amp contains any solid-state components.
2. Using a high quality, low-loss instrument cable, plug one end of it into your guitar.
3. Plug the other end directly into the amplifier. Note: using any intervening electronic boxes of any kind may cause this method to fail.
4. Turn the volume knob on the guitar to maximum for the greatest possible output signal.
5. Adjust amp volume to suit. If the amp has a built-in preamp, use it. If the amp is too loud by the time you get a suitable overdriven sound, position yourself in such a way that the sound is comfortable on your ears.

Thanks Karl, and Karl’s dad… (oh yeah and the handlebar mustache, nice touch The Edge)

5 thoughts on “Recipe for Good Guitar Tone

  1. James

    That’s one way of doing it. Or, you can get a BBE Sonic Stomp and get a signal that just drips with tone. Check out what I just posted…

  2. vince

    If God wanted us to put pedals in front of the preamp, he wouldn’t have invented the effects loop…but it’s convenience we all cherish.

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