When I came to Life Church almost 4 years ago, we were using a stock cross kind of brushed through an oblong circle. The main colors were green and white, not bad but it was real plain looking. I don’t have the logo on this computer or I’d show you. I knew from the moment I arrived that at some point we would have to change it somehow. It was just so unfriendly for multiple use applications such as decals, screen graphics, letterhead, business cards, etc.

So for the next couple of years I played with it as best I could, trying to keep the original cross and circle together. One improvement was that I wrapped the circle with a floral type of illustration – very ornamental, but it was a little too feminine in my opinion.

Then I came up with an idea based off of the VH1 logo. Two angled shapes with an all lowercase “lifechurch” on one side and the logo on the other side. This worked well, especially because it allowed for any color combination. It was bolder than the previous logo and a little hipper. But it still contained that stock cross and circle, which continued to bother me.

06 logo

Pushed into a deadline this week, I spent all day Wednesday working on a new brand for our church. I knew that I wanted to change Life Church to “lifechurch”, we’ve been working with that for the past few months. And our tag line vision had never been properly included in the logo: “bringing life to the valley”. I decided that life should always be in bold – it’s a subtle way to emphasize our main focus. When you think of life, what do you see? For me it’s easy, it’s a seed sprouting, a seedling – which can seem a little weak; not good for a logo that needs to also convey the strength of a community of love & grace; the church. It also needs to share an open and inviting feeling, that’s where I think the colors help, bright earthy colors are easy to see, fun, and familiar, as opposed to say, burgundy, purple, seafoam (church) green – how many churches have you seen with those colors on their walls, carpets, and bulletins? So stale, in my opinion.

So this is what I came up with, and for some reason when I converted it to a JPG, it lost a little of it’s richness. The orange faded, the rich green turned light green, the text is the only part the really stayed true to the original. Anyway, I am really happy with this. I think it says “life” in a modern, fun, and inviting way. My main concern is that is might look a little too Disneylandish….? I’d love some feedback.


What do you think when you see this logo?

6 thoughts on “Re-Branding

  1. bobby

    Well, honestly, I think I’m just not a huge fan of those leaves. The rest is cool. I like the burnt orange and what not. But with the leaves, it doesn’t look nearly as current in my opinion. It makes me think of a bit more conservative crowd than what I know you have there.

    Maybe if the “plant look” were a little more rugged or textured. Maybe using something similar to the floral pattern in the first one. Just some thoughts. But remember, I’m not a graphic designer at all!

  2. jamesmclean

    I think it looks incredible. It is very wholesome and organic. It makes me want to go eat an orange. It does look a bit Disneylandish but who cares? Disneyland has done well for themselves.
    Very simple and professional. I also like how it is darker towards the bottom and lighter towards the top. Good work!

  3. Vince

    I love It!

    It can translate to many mediums. How does it look in black and white? I’d love to see it on white or black…the litmus of any logo is how it looks flat.

    I love crosses and everything, but I prefer church logos sans the obligatory cross.

  4. Digital Worship

    i think too animated…maybe try and redo the leaves.

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  6. Jeff


    I think it looks cool, however, I think other churches have used the small plant leaves before…

    With that being said though… I don’t remember the church that I saw using it…

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