Re-Branding II

I appreciate all the comments on the Re-Branding post (if you haven’t seen that post, you might want to read through it first). I’m throwing this one in the mix to see what you guys think of the duo-tone version. Vince said correctly that the litmus test for any logo is how it looks in black & white. So this is part of the reverse side of the card that I designed last week (I’m too lazy to save just the logo) – you’ll see the logo in all it’s glam at the bottom. I think it actually looks better in duo-tone. What do you think?

logo bw

5 thoughts on “Re-Branding II

  1. Chris

    I love this so much better! I know nothing has really changed, but I like it!

  2. Shannon Lewis

    I absolutely LOVE it except for one thing:
    make the ‘life’ in ‘lifechurch’, and possibly the leaves, a deep green…
    green seems to be the symbol for life, and it would go well with the beautiful, already present, earthtones that comprise the rest of your logo.
    Otherwise, very good work!

  3. Billy Chia

    I like the duo tone better. One of my thoughts (that of course I didn’t comment at the time) was that the leaf needed to be more stylized. Dropping it to 2 tone and taking out the 3dness of it accomplishes this. Nice job.

  4. alex

    thanks for all the feedback everyone – this is moving along a little faster than I am comfortable with, but it’s about time. The whole purpose of the duo-tone is so we can fit it to many applications as possible. I totally agree with the whole stylization idea – it looks way better with less.

    I love feedback thank you so much!

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