Random Video: Hands Free Law

If you live in California you are now in month two of a ridiculous law: no holding your phone to your ear to talk. Oh you can text all you want, but don’t hold that phone to your face. For me, I’m always pushing my bluetooth into my ear so I can hear, so I might as well be holding a phone. Here’s a great little video that shares my sentiments:

Anyone seen a protest site for this law? Maybe I should start one.

5 thoughts on “Random Video: Hands Free Law

  1. James

    Dude, that’s hilarious. But seriously, I totally agree. The intention of the law is good. The execution is as lame as can be.

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  2. tam

    yah. what about puttin makeup on in the car. i have seen so many ladies, and one dude, put on mascara while driving. think about that. impossible.

    its all so silly.

    tams last blog post..have you ever?

  3. Mahmo Schneider

    video shares my sentiments-my blue tooth is always falling out so I swerve all over the road while trying to find it. Today Kevin got his earplug caught in his seat belt!! so he had to swerve, unbuckle, replug, swerve and rebuckle!!!!!
    Dumb law!!!!! law-makers must have stock in blue tooth!!!

  4. Kendra Watson

    Hilarious! I am probably the only person in california who hasn’t gotten the bluetooth yet. I just pop my phone on speaker and end up holding it to my ear anyway because I can’t hear the darn thing. I’m sure I’ll be getting a ticket any day now *LOL* I wonder what’s cheaper, getting bluetooth or paying for a ticket? I suppose I should just follow the laws ;o)

    Kendra Watsons last blog post..My First Grader

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