Random Video

Another re-post from Letters from Kamp Krusty

And my interpertation of the ending…

In case you don’t understand German, let me translate the last conversation between the Asian girl and wheelchair guy:

WCG: Yeeeeehaw! I really showed them!
AG: Um, that was all me in case you weren’t watching!

WCG: What? you mean you missed me flipping off my wheel chair into a one handed ariel side punch?
AG: No I was too busy beating up members of the MS-13!

WCG: Please tell me you saw me pick up that one guy buy his cajones and throw him across the street?
AG: No, please tell me you saw me put that one guy in a sleeper hold and get back grandfathers lunch money?

WCG: Man… you’re trippin! But give me some love, we make an awesome team – let’s go find Walker to come arrest these fools!

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