Random thoughts at 11pm

  • I’ve been going since 6:00am this morning
  • I joined facebook the other day and have already seen very cool benefits
  • Watching the evening news is depressing
  • I think I sang a little flat today on at least one song
  • I’m looking forward to hanging out with some good friends tomorrow night
  • I’m watching “Little Miss Sunshine” – it’s making me laugh
  • I can’t believe what an amazing church I am a part of
  • I have a headache
  • I have a beautiful family

That’s all, goodnight.

4 thoughts on “Random thoughts at 11pm

  1. Fred McKinnon

    Alex – “friend” me in FaceBook .. I searched for “Alex McLean”, but there were like over 100 to sort through!


  2. Shannon Lewis

    I love the sounds of your church’s summer series. Do ya’ll have a podcast?
    And be sure to friend me after you friend Fred – I’m in his friends list.


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