Random Stuff Worth Checking Out

I know I’m not writing a lot lately. Again it’s not for lack of stuff brewing in my head and heart – it’s just not ready yet… In the meantime, here’s some stuff that is really worth reading/watching:

  • Death By Growth Curve at Deadly Viper. Here’s an excerpt:
    “I’ve also seen leaders do stupid things to maintain the “appearance” of growth year after year. Pump up the numbers, cook the books, exagerate, and get into schemes they should never of been a part of. All for the purpose of maintaining that magical growth curve.”
  • Dan Kimball’s Missional Misgivings. Here’s an excerpt:
    “We all agree with the theory of being a community of God that defines and organizes itself around the purpose of being an agent of God’s mission in the world. But the missional conversation often goes a step further by dismissing the “attractional” model of church as ineffective. Some say that creating better programs, preaching, and worship services so people “come to us” isn’t going to cut it anymore. But here’s my dilemma—I see no evidence to verify this claim.”
  • Go check out I Am Second, be prepared to spend a few minutes there.
  • Videoteaching.com opened its doors yesterday. Although not offering any “video teaching” yet, they are looking for your choices in who they should have available. I am VERY excited about this resource. And a possible future post asking the question, “will video based teaching change the alpha male model of the pastor/preacher/dictator/strong man leader in the drivers seat of the local church?”
  • Something fun in this season of giving? Go to the Doghouse. Watch this video:

That’s all for now – that should keep you busy for a half hour or so. Hope it makes you think, cry, and laugh.

2 thoughts on “Random Stuff Worth Checking Out

  1. Vince

    that video is fantastic.
    the funny thing is, my wife would really love a new vacuum

    ‘chai lattes’

    Vinces last blog post..Wilco Kills

  2. James McLean

    deadly viper- yeah i’ve seen that a ton out here, its sad.

    dan kimball- yeah its sort of like getting frustrated at a guy for pursuing a girl because she is pretty. we are drawn to that, of course there must be something more substantial and meaningful in order to keep people at the church. i will say though that the church could use some balance in this area. the forms of how we do this aren’t nearly as important as what we are saying and how we are showing Christ and the Bible for what they really are.

    i am second- wow! honesty+Christ= healing and worship. thanks for sharing that link.

    doghouse- i’m not married but that is hilarious!

    James McLeans last blog post..Bless the Lord, all his hosts, his ministers, who do his will!

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