Random @ 1:00am

I’m not asleep. It’s probably the Starbucks Mocha @ 8:30pm. So I’m going through my reader, checking stuff out, etc.

Here’s my stats from the past months…

So I got that goin’ on for me.

Had a great Life Group on Tuesday night. We talked about anger and marriage, plus we filmed a little video to promote Life Groups. We all laughed a lot, and opened up and shared a lot about our marriages. Two words really wrap up the night: Same Team; we’re on the same team – ultimately, and our fighting and arguing is usually petty.

Had a great little impromptu happy hour at Ogee’s tonight. My wife, the kids, my bro en-law, Kevin & Peter. Much fun was had.

Had a great chat with a mentor type tonight @ Starbucks. I need more of these kind of guys in my life.

Jen is sick – allergies or a cold. I feel bad for her.

Not looking forward to more meetings tomorrow – got too much real work to do before this weekend.

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  1. Amanda

    I am so totally jealous of your reader stats. I barely have 1500 hits on my blog, total!

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