Rancho Community: Fall Welcome Guide

Fall means people come back to church or maybe try going to church period. People have moved into the community over the summer and now that school has started are ready to find a church. So at Rancho Community, we use this season to launch groups, ministries, and initiatives. The hurdle for me is that as our fairly large staff is putting together all their plans, I have to somehow pull it all together to communicate it all to our church and the community. I’m still not satisfied that I’m doing all I can as well as I can, but I am stoked about our Welcome Guide.

We don’t really have an official name for it – we’ve called it the “One piece to rule them all” (LOTR fans should appreciate that), “The ONE”, and now I’m unofficially calling it the “Fall Welcome Guide”.

What is it? It’s a 12″ x 18″ full color, double-sided print that contains:

  • Welcome from our Lead Pastor, Scott Treadway
  • Weekend service times
  • Staff Directory
  • Campus Map
  • Lists of Ministries and Groups (time, location, contact info)
  • Online Guide (our site, facebook, twitter, and a couple other sites we use)
  • Promo of our Schools (Rancho Christian & Sonshine Preschool)

Why one big piece? We decided to have one large print to combat the multiple, multi-color, multi-size, multi-style, multi-quality printed pieces that show up all over our campus. Also the piece is large, easy to read, and easy to spot as “something to have” if you’re new and need assistance.

How come it’s not folded up (anymore)? In version 1.0, we folded the piece up into a pocket size booklet. This was a ton of work and it never really looked nice folded. So, during a trip to the SD Zoo, I noticed that their map was about the same size and unfolded… stroke of genius!

That’s all, just wanted to share and document. My personal hope is that through good design and content, people would be able to connect with our church quickly and easily.