6 thoughts on “Rain in SoCal!?

  1. Jen White

    the hail was hitting our skylight so hard I thought it would surley shatter. Great lightning though…

  2. James McLean

    ha ha looks like VA on some days. Except lately it has been 75, weird, i think its actually El Nino.

  3. Dan (djByron)

    Hail Yea! Sorry, that was lame. 🙂

    Crazy video. From what I understand we are in the midst of a cooling trend (per NASA). But I doubt we’ll see any change in the global warming hype seeing as the Govt and media have too much invested in it already.

  4. Amie Charney

    Being from Seattle, I ran out and danced in the puddles…. if this is the result of global ?… can it truly be that bad? LOL

  5. Jon

    haha it rained hard to day to it was so hard and bad that they had to call school early YEA!!

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