Quotes from Staff Infection

Today Leadership Network put on an online conference called “Staff Infection“. I won’t waste time describing much other than church leaders from all over the US gave short talks on leadership, staff relations, etc. If you missed it, I highly recommend going and getting the download. Here’s some of my favorite quotes (my version of quotes, from Twitter):

pull the lids off of your teams! #staffinfection

We are so comfortable ‘satus quo’. We don’t really want to change. We like to be ‘nice’. We neuter our teams. #staffinfection

does our staff seem like a red light, yellow light, or green light? #staffinfection

personality trumps skill #staffinfection

RUN your team so that the best people LOVE it #staffinfection

leadership development is like a crockpot #staffinfection

invest 2x’s as much into your staff as you expect to get out of them #staffinfection

#leadership: it beats working for a living #staffinfection (note the sarcasm)

be a leader of high influence and low control #staffinfection

RT @action_djackson: Trust can’t be given: it is the by-product of a process. #staffinfection

TRUST: No surprises. Respect for one another. Honesty.

RT @josephhoran: “Your connection to God is the biggest factor in how effective you’re leadership will be.” @tammymelchien#staffinfection

RT @joshy79: RT @jpnbren: You can teach people all you know, but you are going to reproduce who you are! #staffinfection

If you’re not a twitterer, all those links are going to look like jibberish. A quick intro to Twitter: the “@” symbol means that’s a person’s Twitter name or handle. The “RT” is a “retweet”, which simply means, I “retweeted” or repeated what another person tweeted. The “#”, or “hashtag” is a way of creating a searchable category within the Twitter stream. So… if you click on any of those #staffinfection links, you’ll not only see my tweets, but you’ll see EVERYONE’S tweets who used that hashtag. Pretty cool.

Anyway, lot’s to chew on up there & probably some posts coming up. Did you attend? Any of those quotes hit you?