Yesterday I emailed these questions to our staff – just to get the juices flowing:

1. Are the people closest to me in ministry lifting me higher or dragging me down?
2. How have I intentionally developed the leaders around me in the past week?
3. Am I speaking transparently with at least two other close trusted friends on a weekly basis?
4. Am I submitting myself to the correction and coaching of at least two mentors?
5. Am I holding a grudge against someone?
6. Am I speaking well of other ministers?
7. Am I falling for the temptation of comparing, complaining, criticizing or gossiping?
8. Are my words and relationships characterized by words of faith or negativity?
9. Do people enjoy being around me or am I often down?
10. Have a made at least three new ministry friends in the last year?

1. What did I learn in Gods word this week?
2. Is my burden for prayer growing or diminishing?
3. Does my heart break for the things that break the heart of God?
4. Have I grown accustomed to or accepted sin in my life?
5. Am I doing ministry out of an overflow of Gods work in my heart or out of my own strength?
6. Has my teaching and ministry deepened, changed, or evolved in a positive way in the last year?
7. Do I have a sincere peace that Im living an authentic life of spiritual integrity?
8. Is my heart growing larger for people and God or is it shrinking?
9. Am I closer to God today than I was a year ago?
10. Do others comment that they can clearly see evidence of Gods work in my life?

Today (actually last week) I’m at Jury Duty & brought Andy Stanleys Next Generation Leader with me in the hopes to complete it. Got to page 36 and am now doing some reflection.

Check out these Questions:

1. What do you do that is almost effortless from your perspective but seems like a daunting task to others?
2. In what arenas do people consider you the “go to” person?
3. What do you enjoy about your current job?
4. What do you wish you could delegate?
5. What do you do that elicits the most praise and recognition from others?
6. What environments do you look forward to working in?
7. What environments do you avoid?
8. What kind of advice do people seek from you?
9. If you could focus more of your time and attention on one or two aspects of your job, what would they be?

Anyway, I’m at Staff Advance tonight and we’ve asked a couple of these questions of ourselves… Very interesting conversations…

One thought on “Questions

  1. James McLean

    wow! these are excellent questions and hard ones.
    I think for the first section of ministry questions the basic jist that you are getting at is….Am i adding value to people or taking it away? and Am I being a disciple of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus? or am i following the ways of Jesus and am I teaching the ways of Jesus through my life.
    Sorry that was a lot but this is a hot topic for me.
    More later on the next set of questions. 🙂

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