Purpose Driven Trip

Today, June 27, I took a little trip. A trip with a purpose. The purpose? To hang with some very cool blogging friends at the Purpose Driven Worship Conference. This is my photo journal of the trip, please enjoy.


I got on the 15 freeway and set the old cruise control. 76 mph, breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law!


I think this is the biggest hole-saw I’ve ever seen!


I’m definitaly NOT going to Barstow, sorry all you Barstonians…


See that little word under the 241?


Yup, I had to pay the man… four times. I don’t know what cost more, the gas to get to Lake Forrest, or the Toll!


Saddleback Parkway in all its glory! (I had just passed Purpose Drive, and I’m not kidding.)


That’s Rich, he’s from my town now & he’s kind of a big deal. And to his left, your right is the illustrious James Ridgers of Immersion Worship. We all three are kindred spirits as there is Scottish blood running through our veins.


That’s Matt Olds, we go way back. He’s doin’ his best “What What?”. We both rocked the IE at one time, now he grows alphalpha and wrestles bears in Idaho. He’s also very tall. Steve Eller the San Diego rock star snuck in the photo as well, not wanting Matt to get all the face time.


Steve Eller and Bobby Marchesault thought this was a photo shoot for Holister and both struck a pose. Blue Steele for Bobby and Casual Profile for Steve.


This is Los. He’s a blogger from Atlanta. Tonight he is sleeping in the Dallas-Fortworth Airport. And that’s me doing probably the worst smile I’ve ever done in my life. The sunglasses are courtesy of Peter, thank you very much.


This guy had a fohawk. That is all.


This is a band called Delirious. They are British, which means they rock harder than anything we can put together on this side of the Pond. That guy in the red shirt is Martin Smith, probably the awesomest worship leader on the planet.


91 Freeway 3pm. Too many cars, not enough road. 20 MPH for half and hour…


I followed this guy almost all the way down the 91 and about 10 miles down the 15. Believe it or not I did pretty well behind this guy, didn’t really have to think too much, just brake when I saw red lights.

On a more serious note, I got to catch up with Matt on his journey to Idaho. I got to hear about James’ travels to England and his wife’s surgery. Bobby got to hear about how I’m doin at LifeChurch. Steve, well we just saw each other a week or so before. Same with Rich – he visited LifeChurch this past week and caught me preaching. And as for Los, well we got to talk a bit about blogging, friendship, and heaven. I was really encouraged and inspired by hanging out with these guys. Their authenticity & humility is genuine, can’t wait to see ’em again.

It was a great trip. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I got to connect with some really good friends – all those guys are amazing brothers; people that I don’t get to see often but that doesn’t matter because we are connected so well here. I want to thank them all for hanging out and making time for me. Maybe next year I’ll buy a ticket and get to hang out for a couple days.

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  1. James

    I was half expecting you to show up in a kilt, playing some bagpipes, and singing “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” in a thick Scottish accent.

    Seriously cool to finally get some hang time! Once the car situation is sorted out (what with one being totaled and us shopping for a replacement), I’ll be heading out to Corona for some more face time with you IE blogstars.

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