Proof that boys will make a Gun out of Anything

When I was growing up we had a “no gun” rule in my house. I honestly can’t remember much about that – I’m sure I complained that we couldn’t get the coolest, latest gun – and I think we bent the rules a few times, or maybe I just snuck some in somewhere along the line. Anyway, I don’t think it effected me too much. I’m not a gun advocate myself, but we just don’t make a big deal about them at our house.

Flash forward 20 years or so. And that picture is me shooting a HUGE golf ball gun last week at a friends flower farm. This thing is amazing – it rockets golf balls right through plywood at least 200 yards away! We all had a go at this beast, talk about fun!

And here’s Miles (my son) turning a tree into a gun.

This is a tree to a board game…

The tree has now become a “green goo blaster”

And dual pistols.

Why fight nature?

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