Preaching from a Treadmill

I just got this video of me teaching a few months ago.

That was a bunch of fun – the whole idea I was trying to illustrate was that sometimes a christians we just have to step out in faith and begin living, and as we do we begin to learn what God has in store for us. All it takes is for us to begin walking and then we automatically start to grow. I did it for four services and didn’t fall once – yay!

7 thoughts on “Preaching from a Treadmill

  1. Kendra Watson

    How funny, I really need to get in to service. I keep hearing about all these great things that you guys are doing to illustrate your message!!

  2. alex

    Amie, we would be so fit if we had work out machines at staff meetings! Great idea!

  3. Jon

    Im with James on this one it would have been kind of funny to see you fall or at least stumble!LOL!

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