Preaching Confessional

This past weekend it was my turn to teach again. I do this oh, about six times a year. The topic this time? “What Happens The Minute After I Die?”. It’s part of’s series entitled “If I Die Before I Wake“. So I got to talk about death – yay…

As I was preparing for this message, I struggled through using the prepared points and scriptures. It just wasn’t lining up the way I was feeling. So I changed the flow of the message a bit and rather than focusing on death, I tried to answer the question quickly and then move on to talk about how death has no power over our lives once we’ve put our trust in God. And how we should never fear death, what we should fear is not living the life that Jesus came to give us – a “rich and satisfying life” free from fear (John 10:10).

I ended the message with a call to take care of the “minute after you die” while you still can, and then a call to celebrate the new life that God has given us and the victory of sin and death by singing Charlie Hall’s “Marvelous Light”.

If you’re interesting in hearing the message you can listen online here, (choose the title “What Happens The Minute After I Die”.

Also, I want to give a special shout-out to Rich for showing up and hanging with us this weekend – it was great to see you and your wife!

3 thoughts on “Preaching Confessional

  1. Billy Chia

    I like the family history and inviting people to talk back.

    “Younger brOTHer instead of the younger sister” the “30-year-old but really 12-years-old voice crack” is awesome.

    Love the personal/story telling element of the message. Very engaging.

    Love the “God’s word is God’s word” attitude. Too much fluff out – way to keep it real.

    The delayed out guitar is nice at the end.

    Nice message.

    and I love the little pause you guys stick into “marvelous light.”

    Billy Chias last blog post..Worship Is Meant to Teach

  2. Peter

    Hey man well done! You have an amazing gift at engaging people. Sorry I missed the live version. I would have heckled you.

    Keep on doing whatcha do!

    Peters last blog post..Bands I like!

  3. alex

    Thanks guys! Thanks for taking the time to listen and leave some feedback.

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