Prayer: A Lifestyle?

jesus praying

I’m really trying to focus more of my energy on doing things that will be the most effective. After writing this post, I’m resolved to be more disciplined, more focused, and more authentic in my spiritual life. One area that I’m excited about is prayer. I read this message this morning and this quote really hit home:

Therefore, everything we aim to accomplish as a church is impossible without God’s special, supernatural action. From the making of a meal on Wednesday night, to the changing of a diaper in the nursery, to the preaching of a sermon—our aim in all of it do it by the grace that God supplies so that in everything he gets the glory. And that is impossible without God’s special, supernatural grace.

John Piper is referring to Prayer in this statement. And it’s so true. I spend so much energy visioninzing, planning, making lists, (gulp) blogging, etc. Way more time than I spend in true, focused prayer. I do think that conversation throughout the day with God happens and that you don’t have to go into a closet and close your eyes and fold your hands for it to be considered prayer. But I do believe there must be a time where you set apart and be still, quiet, and focused in talking and hearing from God through prayer and his Word (the Bible). Christ, the son of God was a man of prayer, intense and focused prayer – that is where everything began and got it’s power from. That’s what I’m aiming for.

So I created a little tool to help me stay focused and remember some key areas that I want to pray about when I have my focused time with God every day. It just has a couple verses that are key to prayer, and some areas like, my personal goals, my marriage, family, ministry, church, lifegroup. An area to write down something I’m thankful for every day and an area to write down someone that I’m praying for every day. Also, I can also use the back to write down things that either come to me or things that are distracting me. I know it’s a little processed, maybe even a little “religious”, but it helps me stay focused especially when I’m so easily distracted.

It’s available here (Word doc) if anyone wants to give it a try.

What are some things you do to keep your prayer life alive and healthy?

2 thoughts on “Prayer: A Lifestyle?

  1. Steven Dilla

    Great post. I find my self so often neglecting prayer and focusing my energy on the busy work of ministry. Thanks for sharing your struggle, I think there are many of us who share it!

  2. Matt

    Word. I wrestle with this too. I bet more do than not. Wish I was a spiritual stud.

    You going to Saddleback?? The wifey and I are coming south for it…

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