Pray for the Least of These

Just an update on two families that we have the opportunity to (continue to) pray for.

The Joy\'s

The Joy’s. Wade, Ferris, and their two twin girls, Adleigh & Liana. Quick version: these twins were born prematurely and have some serious health issues. Read more here.
Wade & his wife both have specific prayer requests. And here’s a powerful quote from Wade:

So I am praying that through this process Jesus would shape my character and heart to be a man who is not shaken by what He sees, as I so often can be, and that He would give me the grace to have an unwavering and dangerous faith.

Emily Estrada

The Estrada’s. Victor, his wife, their newborn, Emily, and the rest of the rugrats. Quick version: they had to rush Emily to the hospital with an extreme temperature. They’ve been there ever since, and the doctors have no answers for them. Pray for Emily, and the entire family as they are apart and without clear answers. Read more.

Here’s yet another story of a family in need of prayer. And I’ll leave you with a praise of God working in this situation. We don’t pray in order to make God do something, we pray to be amazed of what he is already doing.

4 thoughts on “Pray for the Least of These

  1. victor estrada

    Hey Alex, thanks so much for posting this. We appreciate it. Thanks to you and all of your readers for praying too. We’ll see how this turns out and how long it’s gonna go. Thanks

    victor estradas last blog post..Baby Emily Update – June 30

  2. CJ Mills

    Thanks for sharing these requests with a guy who knows how important it is to pray!

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