Power Comment

Sometimes clarity hits me like eating the most choice steak – I love steak (sorry vegans).

It’s like when you’re tuning a guitar and you get that string to the exact frequency and the whole guitar responds with warmth.

It’s like when a teacher reveals something profound in a way that makes complete sense to you.

It’s like that perfect sunset that puts and end to that perfect day you spend with someone you love.

(sorry I got all mushy).

Anyway, that’s the feeling I got while reading Jan’s comment to Jenni’s question on this post this morning. I’m just gonna re-post this and leave it at that.

Question: What does it take to create a place where people WANT to work?


I want to feel cared about personally – know me, in other words, and care about who I am, not just what I do. Celebrate who I am.

Help me grow in my areas of true giftedness and encourage me to step out and have the courage to not remain the same. Lovingly help me stretch and grow to reach my potential.

Respect me. I want to know that what I do is important and that my thoughts and my life count. Listen to my opinions and even ask for them. Don’t make me always come to you – this is hard for me.

Help me see how my life’s work IS making a difference. This is hard to see during difficult seasons of ministry and some days I wonder why I should continue on and who in the world it benefits or maybe even cares. Of course first of all, you will have to truly believe that what I do IS making a difference and is important to the Kingdom of God.

Care about my health – emotional, spiritual, and physical. Give me benefits that enable me to care for myself. Don’t make working 70 hours a week the norm so that I actually have time to exercise and be with my family and clean my house and maybe even have a hobby like a real person! Don’t enable – or worse, expect and encourage – the workaholic tendencies that will lead me to burnout, depression, heart attack and perhaps a shortened period of time to work for God’s glory. Care about my spiritual health and allow me space to take time to be with God beyond 15 minutes in the morning. Give me study breaks so I can approach ministry thoughtfully and prayerfully. Enact a policy that allows one day a month away for solitude to retreat with God. Care enough to go to bat for us to have a mandatory sabbatical policy so that I can minister out of the overflow of health and my relationship with God and not out of exhaustion and fatigue. Nothing good happens there. I desire to be a SPIRITUAL leader so allow me the time and tools that make this possible.

Pray for me and let me know it.

Remember I am human. Correct me gently, but expect that I will make mistakes. We all do. Love me enough to walk with me through these things.

Finally, believe the best about me. If you have questions, ask, don’t assume the worst.

I don’t ask for much, do I?


4 thoughts on “Power Comment

  1. Jan Owen

    Well, I am a bit floored that anything I said struck you like that but I am thankful. I will say this – I learned most of that by going through a time of deep brokenness as a minister. I just felt utterly broken – and as I did I had to face some really difficult things about what being in ministry had done to me – and I didn’t like it at all. Facing some painful truths taught me alot. Going through tragedy probably deepened me as a leader as nothing else could.

  2. alex

    Jan, yeah sounds like wisdom from a difficult journey. Thank God you came out on the other end with such clarity.

    Jenni, yes, profound – that’s the work I was thinking of!

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