Pole Postition

The other night we celebrated a friends birthday by heading over to Pole Position and doing some kart racing. This place ROCKS! The karts are sweet and it’s indoors – they’re electric but they’ve got insane pickup. Talk about a rush and a ton of fun – these things book! We did three races, probably around 21 laps total, we just had a blast. My best time was 22.3 seconds – I think the best times our group was getting were around 21 seconds.

I’ll admit, I’m a more passive person normally, in fact on the first race I’d just let people go by if they were tapping my backside. By the last race there was no way I was letting anyone by me. On the last race I was tangled up in at least three wrecks – none my fault of course.

Check out this little video to get a taste of what it’s like.

Looks like there are 4 of these places, one in our hometown of Murrieta, another in Corona (just 1/2 hour away), one in Vegas, and one in Oklahoma City. Have you ever been?