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palm-treo-755p.jpgThis is a little old, but about 2 weeks ago my Treo 700 took a major dump. The bummer was that it was Sunday afternoon so I spent the evening & next morning “unplugged”, which is weird for me. So on Monday I took it into the local Sprint store to see what they could do for me (I had a pretty good idea it was a dead soldier). I learned something cool about our store – you can put your name down for a later appointment and come back – or you can even call the receptionist and make an appointment! So I did, and I only spent about 10 minutes waiting, which is a record for me in that store. So I dropped off the phone and waited for a call.

A couple hours later I got a call with some very good news. We have the protection plan on our phones so if they break, get lost, or whatever we can easily and cheaply replace them.


I started my Palm Treo journey with an Ebay’d 350 – the old flip phone style. A total piece of junk, but since we had the replacement plan, as soon as it broke, which it did very quickly, we were able to get it replaced with a 600, and so on and so forth until I had a 700…

So, the Sprint tech told me that my 700 was dead and they were upgrading me to the 755! I was stoked, mainly because my 700 looked like it had been to Iraq and back. Plus the 755 had no funky antenna knob sticking out the top. Nice. So I went down and picked it up. When I got in the car I tried to check my voicemail – not worky. I thought it might just take a little bit to connect, but I knew by the time I got home that something was wrong. So I called the store again, and they said that the phone must not have been setup right. Back down to the store, and after a quick wait the phone was up and running. I tell this story because usually it’s all horror stories when it comes to cell phones – this was the opposite.

Now I know it’s no iPhone, but it didn’t cost me $400 either, and I’m not stuck with crappy Cingular/AT&T service. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love an iPhone. But the Treo gets the job done. I check all my email, do a majority of my Google Reading, and use it to connect to the internet as a modem, using USB Modem.

What’s your phone of choice?

6 thoughts on “Phone Upgrade

  1. Aaron

    T-Mobile Dash

    I know the internet is slow so it probably wouldn’t work for frequent internet users but it is practically indestructible. My wife spilled a whole glass of water right on top of it and then proceeded to immediately to it on to see if it worked(not a recommended idea) surprisingly it is still working like a champ. This also includes multiple drops that have done in past phones.

  2. alex

    Aaron – I was jealous when I saw Vince’s a few months ago. I love how thin it is. Thanks for chiming in. Damnation was insane last night!

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  4. Fred McKinnon

    I got the Treo 755 as well, but with Verizon. I tried the Blackberry, but just couldn’t make the switch. Too used to Palm.

    Speaking of – my 755 freezes up OFTEN – not forcing a reset – it just freezes up for like 10-15 seconds at a time – usually when I’m typing a txt or something … I thought it was my phone, but other 755 and even 700 users were having the same issue, and blame it on either Verizon’s service, or on the Palm OS … does your phone freeze up any?

  5. alex

    Fred – ya my 700 froze up like that all the time. So far so good with the 755 – it only moves a little slow when switching from phone to menu, but no serious freeze up.

  6. Fred McKinnon

    Interesting, mine seems to do it much worse at some times than others. I can’t stand that, but like you, it’s my only option. AT&T’s signal in our area is pretty much non-existent in too many places to have acceptable service for the iPhone. If Verizon had the iPhone, I’d be all over it.

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