9 thoughts on “Pet Peeve

  1. Chris

    Are you talking about passing bikes or the fact that bikes are hogging the lane? And yeah, hogging bugs me too! 🙂

  2. bobby

    Ok…they’re hardly “hogging.” I guess it used to bug me a little, then I started riding my bike to work. You can handle waiting a minute or two to go around them. 😉

  3. Fred McKinnon

    OK, so I’m the guy that wants to yell out the window “take the bike path or the sidewalk” … we’ve got nice concrete sidewalks made JUST for bikers here on SSI, yet they they get on the slow, 2-lane road down the middle of the island and backup traffic for miles, literally, cause they won’t move over, and the lanes are so narrow, you can’t cross the center line to go around them w/o having a head-on. All the while, a nice bike path is right there on the side of the road.


  4. Jen

    Yeah I followed those guys for 5 miles going 10mpg! Wowzers….. I agree with Fred go find a bike lane.

  5. bobby

    From what I see un the video, there is no bike lane. If there is, by all means use it. As far as the sidewalk, I believe that’s technically illegal. Bikers are upposed to use the road.

    Man, maybe this environmentally friendly, hippie filled, share the road town of Santa Cruz has changed me a little already! 😉

  6. alex

    I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, it just really annoys me… Also I was listening to the radio and the most dangerous mode of transportation is biking, followed by walking.

  7. bobby

    Dude!! I just watched the video again and all of a sudden I realize what you were talking about. I agree with you totally! Spandex is definitely a pet peeve of mine. Especially on fat people. 😉

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