Oops, I Don't Have Terminal Cancer!

The Christian/Worship blogosphere is buzzing this morning with the recent news surrounding the song “Healer”. Here’s the short of it:

A FORMER Adelaide pastor who inspired hundreds of thousands of young Christians with his with his terminal cancer “battle” has been exposed as a fraud.

Michael Guglielmucci, whose parents established Edge Church International, an Assemblies of God church at O’Halloran Hill, is now seeking professional help. Earlier this year, Mr Guglielmucci released a hit song The Healer which was featured on Sydney church Hillsong’s latest album. It debuted at No. 2 on the ARIA charts.The song has become an anthem of faith for believers, many of whom are suffering their own illness and were praying for a miracle for Mr Guglielmucci, who has claimed for two years to be terminally ill

It appears that Mr Guglielmucci, who was a pastor with one of Australia’s biggest youth churches, Planetshakers, may have even deceived his own family.

ht: Adelaide Now via Los & Chris

Here are my thoughts for those who are interested.

  1. We are all sinful and vile people at our core, which is why we need Christ to redeem us. We all have the potential to make just as bad or even worse choices. What this man did (if this news is true), is horrible despicable, and heartbreaking; only his sin was and is now being broadcast across the planet. Pray for this man and his family as they deal with the reality of this deception. Think about his poor wife & kids, think about his church. God is a restorer.
  2. God still wins. The song is a beautiful mess now, just like many of us. Think of all the Psalms written by the murdering adulterer, King David in the Old Testament. Do we throw them all out because of his failures as a man? Obviously not. God brings beauty out of ashes.
  3. This might offend some of my friends out there, but this is why I personally shy away from overly charismatic or “spirit filled” ministries & churches. People get carried away. They get caught up in a moment without thinking clearly, and then they make life-changing decisions based on an emotional experience. Where was the person keeping this pastor accountable? Checking his story? When people start claiming that God put gold teeth in their mouths, or cured them of back pain, or raised them from the dead, or anything, there should be solid, reputable evidence. I still believe that God can do anything, but I believe that his credibility is rock solid and he will never give his blessing to people who manufacture things to create an emotional following. God is sovereign.

So this morning I’m sad. Another blow to the bride of Christ, the church. Thank God for his patience and grace with us as we struggle through this beautiful mess of life.

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  1. Scott Fillmer

    I had forgotten about this story until now, but sometimes it is hard to understand why we go so low against one another. My mother-in-law recently died of cancer and being there in her last hours it is hard to believe someone can mentally process doing this. But, like you said, we are sinful in nature… and sin is sin. Thank God for God.

  2. Chris from Canada

    “Oops” – haha. Good description.

    Yeah. Ridiculous. I have serious questions about when all of this was known (particularly by the Hillsong/Planetshaker folks) and how soon they pulled Mike & his story from the promotion of the CD/DVD.

    I mean did NOBODY check this story? No phone calls to the doctor? Nobody going with him for treatments? Nobody seeing him actually take the medication? It’s unbelievable.

    Chris from Canadas last blog post..Cool ideas

  3. alex

    I’m glad we’re all so full of grace today! This guy and his family need to see that his larger family still loves him even in the face of such deceit. We’re praying for you Michael.

  4. Ben

    Alex – Awesome post. COuldn’t have said it better. We are rolling this tune out Sunday. I asked for some feedback from our Sr. Pastor to which we decided “If God can use an Ass to speak in the Old Testament, or King Saul, he can use someone like this to communicate God’s truth”. It’s about the truth of the message, not the story behind how the message was formed…if it’s a good one…tell it…

    I think there may still be a cool story to tell behind the song…we just may have to wait awhile for those results. In the meantime…keep singing it!

    Bens last blog post..Worship Recap: 8/17/08

  5. Kim

    I’m always a little conflicted when something like this is uncovered. We know that there has likely been real, Spirit-led fruit from this man’s ministry. And yet…. how do those who have been led by him reconcile this?

    We know that the song he wrote–clearly a higher profile part of his overall ministry–has been used as a powerful tool in worship all over the world. And yet… those involved in the recording of it are likely to have a bitter taste about the whole thing.

    We know that there should be forgiveness. And there will be. But will there also be a commitment to accountability, as you said?

    yikes. I just don’t get how a person could successfully deceive those closest to him about something like this. You gotta wonder what parts of the whole story are missing from the public disclosure.

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  8. jordan fowler

    copied over from my post:

    There are days I am grateful that God designed me a little more “head-wired” than “heart-wired.” I don’t mean that faith is all mental with no heart, but I tend to live more out of a “biblical rationality” (ala the Puritans and Westminster Confession) than the buzz of current experience, though I do have experiences with God. Sometimes I hear of other’s ever present mountaintop or mystical experiences and get a bit jealous God didn’t wire me differently. Then day’s like this, I don’t. Steady, obedient and even keel, even if it is a bit less glamorous…

    As to the song itself, one thing is always true. We ALL get healed in the Resurrection….PERIOD!!!

    jordan fowlers last blog post..Healer Song Story Possibly a Fraud? Michael Guglielmucci Lied About Cancer?

  9. Fred F. McKinnon


    So true. We have to focus on the bigness of God, and how He redeems. This is a tragedy. Anytime Satan has a win by getting his works broadcast to the world is a hit we don’t like to take.

    Hope you’ll pardon the scattered thoughts and some copy/paste commenting … I’m trying to comment on some of these blogs that have linked back to my own. Much has transpired today, I’ve spent a good bit of time in prayer and worship, thinking of this situation.

    Overall, it’s disappointing. By the end of the day, I start wondering if Mike wasn’t delusional at this point – I mean, I’ve watched that video over and over the past months. Even knowing the hoax, I still watch it and identify so strongly. I typically have a high level of discernment, yet I watch and it seems so authentic. Maybe he really was believing this lie, or part of him.

    The song – I still love it, though it’s somewhat tainted with this tragic revelation. But, God wasn’t surprised. Maybe He knew … Maybe He knew that we, the Church, needed this song. Maybe THAT’s WHY his favor seemed to rest on that song so strongly. Maybe it’s a reminder that God can (and will) use any vessel to communicate … even the weak, or people and ways that confound the wise and religious.

    Many, many questions. I’m sad, disappointed, but in the end …. I BELIEVE YOU’RE MY HEALER. I BELIEVE YOU ARE ALL I NEED. AMEN.

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

    Fred F. McKinnons last blog post..Healer – Mike Guglielmucci Exposed

  10. Jason

    Mate, the problem lies not with being overly charismatic or “spirit filled” but with a church culture that apparently did not promote/demand transparency and openness. We can all get carried away, to one extreme or another, which has nothing to do with being overly charismatic or “spirit filled”. Living life in community with people who see how you live every day prevents this kind of crap from happening.

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  15. Dragonfly

    Unfortunately people respond as hurt people do to deceptions such as this, and many hold the Bride of Christ accountable. I hope that at least some of the people who prayed for him while they thought him dying of cancer will pray for him now, for his psychological, emotional and above all spiritual health.

  16. Scams for Jesus

    “We are all sinful and vile people at our core, which is why we need Christ to redeem us.”

    speak for yourself!!!

    why is it most “evangelical” churches are full of this kind of fraud and corrupution?

    This supposed “church” and any of its AOG offshoots are money making ventures used to prey on the weak..

    and it obviously worked a treat…

    hook line and sinker…

    so when does he get charged with fraud?

  17. brewster

    Love your post man. Grace always wins. This is a chance for the church to shine, if we handle this right. I love that you said the song is: “…now a beautiful mess, just like us”. PERFECT. God still wants peoples faith to grow and to heal those who need healing.

    brewsters last blog post..I Believe Your My Healer

  18. alex

    Scams, lovely that you dropped by. Bummer that you couldn’t be a real person. I lose all respect for anonymous comments.

  19. brent(inWorship)

    Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been reading and listening, but hardly a chance to discuss. that will be changing. A response is going up tonight…

    brent(inWorship)s last blog post..Wha???

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  21. Idontgetit

    I confess, this broke my heart, granted thats pathetic and I need to repent. I have been trying to repent of basically being human. The strange thing about the Christian faith, we are told we really need Jesus, but when we actually do Need Him we are weak and bellow contempt. It really is not very good news.

  22. Charlie

    I agree with Chris from Canada, the claims are that none of the family was aware, I suspected it from a distance, how on earth could his own parents not pick up on it. I really need to hear an explanation from them more than from Mike himself.

    I heard his father say he was by his side when ‘we nearly lost him’. He may have fooled many but surely not the hospital.

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  24. Andrew

    on your thought #3:
    there are many frauds and abuses in all matters of life and faith, but that doesn’t disprove the authentic. if you want to shy away from a particular denomination/type of believers, do it on a biblical or theological basis.

    if he claimed he had been healed of cancer, I would understand checking the medical records. he didn’t fake a healing; he faked his faith.

  25. Paul

    People, wake up and admit that Pastor Michael is nothing but a scum-bag, who callously exploited the most vulnerable, for his own psychological kicks and to line his pockets. He is not worthy of your pity or prayers. Ask yourself – has he said sorry to the thousands he gave false hope to? Just how low can a so-called ‘man of God’ stoop? Don’t be another apologist, wimping-out by saying “it’s what he’s said that counts” and “Jesus forgives” etc when it’s clear his words/lyrics were nothing but hollow lies. That’s a cop-out and exactly the sort of approval (via redemption) he and his multi-million dollar Church now seeks . Throw him, and those that harbour him, to the wolves. There’s more vitriol on my web site directed towards this evil-doer [click name above]

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