Oops, I Don't Have Terminal Cancer (part 4)

A news update on the Michael Guglielmucci / Healer saga (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3):

ANGRY Christians have condemned disgraced pastor Michael Guglielmucci’s cancer hoax as the ultimate act of betrayal – and they want their money back.

His lawyer revealed yesterday that the inspirational preacher was receiving psychiatric help after confessing to faking a two-year battle with terminal cancer.Lawyer Matthew Selley told The Advertiser his client had no plans to report to police despite Pentecostal church officials advising him to reveal details of any cash that may have been raised deceptively.

I’m hoping this guy cooperates and does the right thing (I made my own little list here).

And the real-life fall out:

The video editor, who lives near Murray Bridge, felt a connection because his mother had recently died of breast cancer.

As a result, he donated a small amount to the now-defunct Facebook page Praying Together for Mike Guglielmucci.

“I believed every word he said. I believed he was going through hell,” Mr Saint said.

“My heart goes out to all the people who have been hurt . . . to make all this up is extremely crushing for anyone who has gone through cancer. There’s no better script than to be dying of cancer and giving glory to God in a Christian context . . . it’s the highest form of fraud.”

Another believer, Caroline, 46, donated $800 after seeing Mr Guglielmucci perform at the Edge Church at Reynella about five months ago.

The grandmother, who is receiving a disability pension, was saving the money to take her four-year-old grandson – who is wheelchair-bound with cerebral palsy – to Sydney for a holiday.

“I feel like a real idiot,” she said. “I saw Michael talk and sing and he’s so very charismatic.

“I decided to donate the money because I thought it could benefit more people, but what a con.”

Sadness. Betrayal.

Last night I got this email from the Michael Guglielmucci Facebook group:

Thank you all for your comments and supporting this group, in making a statement.

Just wanting to let you know that this group has drawn a lot of attention by news reporters, people of “power” as well as many of you people who have shown a real genuine concern for the families involved.

I have been asked by those trying to maintain control over the situation to close this page down, even though I have had numerous reports of encouragement from many of you.

I understand that the topic at hand is a very unfortunate and has hurt a lot of people, is a legal matter and will be continuing on into the future.
To try and avoid any false information or accusations rising up, I have been asked to close this down.

However this page was created as a place where those who still love and support the families affected could come and show their thanks.

I stand for free speech, and I respect people’s opinions, but I also do not want to make matters worse for the families involved in this latest incident. So this page will be closed down, but started afresh with a new name.

This is just an update. All I’m thinking right now is, when do you need help the most? When do you need to be picked up and cared for the most? Right after you’ve fallen.

More conversation will follow as details unwrap…

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