Oop's I Don't Have Terminal Cancer (part 3)

The blogosphere is bursting at the seams with this news. With encouragements, admonishments, anger, sadness, finger pointing, and forgiveness. I’ve read almost all of your posts and comments – great stuff, great perspective. If this is something new to you, go get a “big picture” point of view on this issue. Here’s my best attempt at a comprehensive list of bloggers in my neck of the woods who’ve posted about Michael Guglielmucci (in no particular order, and thanks to Joel, who had a pretty nice list himslef):

  1. Los
  2. James
  3. Chris (from Canada, eh?)
  4. Fred
  5. Wade
  6. Billy
  7. Joel
  8. Rich
  9. Jordan
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  20. Brent
  21. Victor
  22. Brent
  23. John
  24. Scott
  25. Worship Community Discussion
  26. Someone sent me this little Facebook group of people who are praying for MG & those involved in this sad scandal.

My thoughts just keep growing on this issue, thus Part 3 (Part 1, Part 2). I’ve shared my feelings on grace, forgiveness, and restoration. So now what? I know this stretches outside of “my business”, but Michael, Planetshakers, Hillsongs, & YouTube all made it my business. What do we do when something like this happens? What is the right thing to do? People of the world are watching, those close to God and those far away. Here’s my thoughts for whatever they’re worth.

  1. Public Apology & Explanation (in the same vein as his public “Healer” performance)
  2. A sabbatical from ministry
  3. Counseling for him and his family
  4. Counseling for his church members
  5. An investigation into the leadership/accountability structure of his church
  6. Create a cancer research / cancer ward / fund using the proceeds from the song he wrote, Healer
  7. Someday, after being in the care of an oversight group (& possibly psychiatrists), a restoration to ministry

Maybe I’m stickin my nose where it don’t belong – I’m sure I’ll find out. What are your thoughts? What should be done? How can we show grace to Micheal, yet show the world and the church that this is unacceptable behavior?

26 thoughts on “Oop's I Don't Have Terminal Cancer (part 3)

  1. Christian Steffen

    I always thought he seemed way too fat in that video to be dying of cancer. My thoughts are far less spiritual that most people have made of this. I don’t need to give him grace or forgiveness. Jesus did that for me. I don’t think we need to explain it, justify it, pray about it, etc. I don’t think of Mike as less a Christian if he doesn’t have cancer or more of one if he does (it seemed weird to me that people were “hoping the story that he lied wasn’t true” that means you hope he really did he have cancer and I for one am glad he didn’t).

    Plain and simple…I just think he’s a dick. Isn’t that what you’d say if anyone else you knew, Christian or not, songwriter or not, Australian or not, pretended they were dying when they weren’t. He’s a dick. I know a lot of dicks. Admittedly, none of them lie about having cancer or aids or anything (although, Russell Brand said he once claimed to have aids in order to get some time off from work).

    As Christians we always feel we need to have some sort of “response” on this stuff. I’m not sure we do.

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  3. alex

    Christian, I agree with your “assessment” shall we say? I think people need to express their disappointment and anger at what this man did. But you do bring up a huge theological issue on forgiveness. I usually don’t get this deep on the ol blog, but…

    You said “I don’t need to give him grace or forgiveness. Jesus did that for me.”. I don’t know man. What about Matthew 6:15? “If you don’t forgive others, then my Father will not forgive your offenses”.

    I happened to just watch the Healer video again (it was on the news site – by the way click on the link above this comment to get more news) – and I was right there with you Christian. This guy is about as low as it gets. Watching him read scripture, lead worship, watching people with tears in their eyes – deceiving so many…

    He’s definitely messed up. In need of healing.

  4. Christian Steffen

    Well…I guess what I’m saying is that in church circles we make everything spiritual and sometimes there isn’t a spiritual explanation. We’re always seeking the why and feel we have to figure out what someone should do to “show they’re repentant” etc. I think we just need to cut out the excess. He deceived people, most likely for money. Integrity and Hillsong were gullible, willing accomplices. We let him take advantage of us. I just think we make too much of this stuff. We made too much of his story and of his song. Now we’re making too much of his fraud.

  5. alex

    Yeah (Christian) it’s weird how we do attach ourselves to stories like this. I think people want to experience by feeling closer to things. And everyone knows the pain of cancer in some way, so this brought this song to a new level – which is why I think people made such a big deal out of it. Personally I don’t think it even needed that – it’s a great song on its own.

    And now because people grew so close to the (fake) story behind the song, there is now much talk about it. I think it’s just part of who a lot of people are.

    They tend to engage when they can identify. And in my opinion, that’s not always such a bad thing.

    On a completely separate note – when are you and James and I going to get together?

  6. James

    I’ll not being able to get together with you guys. I’m too busy faking a dislocated knee and writing a song about my physical therapist to bother with you gullible lot.

    Sorry…bad taste…I say we all hit The Yard House is Riverside. Get Kirkpatrick there as well.

    Jamess last blog post..The Healer Scandal

  7. James McLean

    i just watched the video for the first time. its just upsetting, but it encourages me too because there is no emotional story better than Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again. over and over again i have to hear that 24/7, Jesus always bring attention to Jesus, you can’t go wrong. this fraud just made the case, there will be tons of phonies trying to distract you, remember Jesus always.

    James McLeans last blog post..Moving from Ideal to Real: If Only

  8. heather

    I still like the song…Speaking just for me..Faith has not come gloriously easy. I have to ask for it often. I wasn’t raised in a God believing family. It was very hard to accept the idea of God and miracles. This guy Michael wont have the power to take my faith away…BUT I caught myself last night quietly pleading aloud to God to please be real. Does that make a “bad” christian? I hope not. My prayers are that God heals what is truly broken in Michael, Not cancer…I am a girl and my heart goes out to his wife.

  9. Tyler

    Interesting ideas. I hear now that he is being audited by local officials. I like your cancer research fund idea…that could definitely work.

    Thanks for the link.

    Tylers last blog post..Not Meant For Praise

  10. Hubbaduh

    Your list of 7 things is probably the best response that I’ve read to this so far, as far as what “practically” needs to happen in this situation.

  11. Chris Stout

    Okay, I don’t usually get deep into the theological and hardly pay any attention to the words of songs. I get my feed from the vibes; however, figured I’d add this:

    1. Always three sides to the story, Your side, His Side, and the True Side. That true side is God’s Side because only he truly knows what has transpired as it is his will.

    2. Maybe God was working in his heart, to write the song, bring people closer to the kingdom? Maybe…

    3. As you (Alex) told me last night and tonight (as I asked you via iChat): “God tends to work most in times of adversity”

    Okay, there’s my $.50. Can’t say 2 cents anymore…inflation man!

  12. Rob Tremonte

    Hi Alex, I get your blog in my RSS feeder.. I usually don’t comment much on blogs anymore… but this strikes a nerve on the comments coming out against this guy.

    I don’t know him or the song as a matter of fact, and that isn’t really the issue… If we being born again and Christ LIVING in us, then we are compelled to act as Jesus. Jesus is FULL of mercy, FULL of grace and love. He keeps NO RECORD of wrong.. as He IS LOVE… and that is an attribute of Love.

    You know, this mans sin is no worse than every person gossiping about him. According to God’s word is any sin greater than the other? Gossip is just as evil as faking a disease, laundering monies or even killing someone.

    Jesus is more concerned with people than He is about making sure the church looks good. He’s more concerned over the one’s that He loves with a love that goes beyond our comprehension. His eyes are fixed on us as the beloved, as Sons and Daughters of the living God…if we are truly in relationship with Jesus and He is in us… we are compelled to move as He does.

    So, in my opinion, we all should ask the Lord’s forgiveness and pray for this man and his family for God to heal and deliver him… and most importantly to give thanks to God for his mercy over ALL our lives… and let the ones who are truly in authority over this man, that GOD has placed in his life, deal with him…. and let’s concentrate on letting God bring healing to our own lives … teaching us more how to BE like HIM…

  13. alex

    Rob, that’s a good word man. I agree wholeheartedly. And it’s good to hear from you. Been hearing good things from Eric about the work you are doing together.

  14. Rob Tremonte

    Hi Alex! Good to hear from you too! If you’re not busy in the near future..hehe… let’s grab some lunchies! Maybe we can coax Eric too.. 😉 Lots of love to ya..

  15. alex

    Rob I’m so down for that. We ought to kidnap Eric… I’ll get in touch with you.

  16. Brad Ruggles

    Great posts and some great comments.

    My post on the subject was less on my “response” to the story and more to remind myself to not be to judgmental of those who fall. He screwed up plain and simple. As Christian said, he was a dick. He needs help and his wrong needs to be righted in whatever way his church can make that happen.

    I also remind myself that I can sure be quite a dick at times too. I may not have lied about cancer but I’ve lied about other things I regret. I’ve done things that haven’t been a good representation of the name of Christ. I’m glad grace and forgiveness have been extended to me by God and others despite what I’ve done.

    As I said on my post, But for the grace of God, there go I.

    Brad Ruggless last blog post..There’s A Monster At The End of This Post

  17. Tyler

    Brand new to your blog by the way, really dig it man. Subscribing up..I’ll be back.

    Tylers last blog post..Remain

  18. alex

    Brad, good to see you here. I really liked the way your post conveyed heart and reality. I think we’re all pretty much on the same page. At our lowest we are horrible. At our highest we can only depend on God’s grace to sustain us.

    Tyler, thanks for stopping by. I’ve also subscribed to your blog.

  19. Fred F. McKinnon

    thanks for putting my stuff in the links list … I’ve been trying to keep up w/ all of this, but my blogroll keeps swelling bigger and bigger. That, on top of a tropical storm … it’s been crazy, crazy. Plus, two funerals this week … yeah, one of those weeks!

    BTW – I did give you a shout-out today on FreePlay Friday – here’s to 200 RSS readers!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

    Fred F. McKinnons last blog post..FreePlay Friday – Weather Man Feed Monkey

  20. alex

    Fred you rock! I hope y’all are safe out there on the fringe of the east coast!

  21. paul daniel

    i watched the vid of the guy confessing to the anchorwoman and was amazed at his straight up, man up to the whole porno thing…which i noticed not many blogs are focusing on…

    if and when the guy is restored (aren’t we all restorations in progress) i vote/pray whatever that God uses his new testimony in this area as the pixels have far too many of us not ministering at 100%. And if there’s something God can do, it is help a man to see that the reason he likes that stuff so much, it’s because HE–God–did a great job on all of it.

    BUT GOD DOESN:T TEMPT US WITH EVIL…we do that to ourselves. Let’s get real guys. 99% of us can relate. I know I can. So, how bout it, let’s get it out there, lets ask God to raise up righteous fox wives to help us keep it real and lets be healed.

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