Oops, I Don't Have Terminal Cancer (part 2)

What a hot topic this has become, and I’m sure will continue to be… Many of you, my blogging friends have written some great posts and comments on this issue. Some really good, sad, and interesting comments if you take the time to read through. But today I have something else on my heart. It’s this man, this guy named Michael, who is a man. A man who made a very bad choice. A pastor who lied to his family, to his church, to the entire world (at this time these are still the facts reported). A musician who took advantage of people who yearn to worship God through song. A person who manipulated and lied to millions of people, using one of the most feared and devastating diseases to pull on people’s heart strings: cancer. And here is how history will remember him:

In case you can’t read that bottom portion it says, “Michael Guglielmucci… faked terminal illness”.

When I saw this photo, I immediately thought of the church media/youtube sensation, “Cardboard Testimonies”. It’s this video, that we’ve almost all seen and/or done in our churches:

Funny how we love to see all the stories of thieves, divorcees, atheists, pornographers, etc. and celebrate God restoring them. Then as soon as someone in the public eye falls down, our first inclination is to kick them while they’re down. (And yes this, if the news is true, this is a despicable situation, and he needs help). So my thought today is, hopefully we’ll give Michael a chance to experience discipline in his life, healing, restoration, and someday soon, maybe we’ll let him on the cardboard testimony train…

6 thoughts on “Oops, I Don't Have Terminal Cancer (part 2)

  1. Billy Chia

    Kicking people who are down makes me pretty sick too.
    Faking cancer also makes me pretty sick.

    But God is my Healer – He really is big enough to make a good out of this bad.

    Billy Chias last blog post..My Thoughts on Healer

  2. James

    Precisely. I didn’t post on the issue yesterday deliberately because of the hysteria surrounding the issue and also just to give myself some time to process it all, but essentially I agree with what you just said. I posted my more elaborate thoughts a few minutes ago…

    Jamess last blog post..The Healer Scandal

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