"Oops I Did it Again" -Macy

Well, she’s done it again. Our poor little Macy broke her foot – she fell off her bike yesterday. So instead of going to Rancho Community today, we went to Rady Children’s Hospital (@radychildrens)in San Diego – a place we know too well. Technically this is her third break (and she’s only 4); She’s going to drive her parents nuts! Here’s her first beak and her second.

Thanks for all the prayers, tweets, facebooks & text messages – it means a lot. She’ll be in the cast for a couple weeks, then follow up, and hopefully she’ll be out so she can swim soon!

One thought on “"Oops I Did it Again" -Macy

  1. Kendra

    Oh No, not again! Atleast she gets to try out all of the fun colored casts. Hope it’s off soon and she isn’t slowed down too much by the cast.

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