ONE VOICE Worship Event!

Many who’ve known me for a while know that I’ve had a heart to organize something like this for years. I think the time has finally come. God has allowed me to build some good relationships with pastors and worship leaders in this valley, and I’m cashing out on some deposits. Here’s the basic vision behind ONE VOICE:

ONE VOICE is a grass roots effort to unite the local church in the Temecula Valley for 3 purposes:

  1. To Celebrate what God is doing in our Valley
  2. To Pray together as the Church
  3. To Go back out into our Community as One

We do this all in the context of One Night of Worship, gathering local churches together to celebrate God through music, prayer, and stories of what God is doing in our Valley.

Please be in prayer or this event. It takes place on Friday August 15th, which is quickly approaching! Pray for direction & guidance as we seek to hear God’s heart for what this event will be. So far we’ve got five local churches involved. Pray for the directional team, that all the details would come together in a way that represents Christ.

If you are in the are of the Temecula Valley, this is an open invitation to come and be a part of ONE VOICE. And next time we do this we hope to include more and more local churches. ONE VOICE will be hosted by LifeChurch, click here to read more about it.

I’d also love to hear from anyone who has been a part of or organized a multi-church worship event. What worked? What didn’t? How did you handle the band or bands? How did you publicize? How did you build momentum?

6 thoughts on “ONE VOICE Worship Event!

  1. Erin

    Hey Alex~ Checkin’ in.. we saw little Macy yesterday at our church. My little Ava Drew had fun playing with her in class. She’s adorable and sweet. She looks like she’s recovering well with her cast off. Anyways.. that One Voice sounds aweome and just what Temec needs. Press on Bro!

    Erins last blog post..YO

  2. Vince

    When I was pastoring in Hawaii there were a lot of multi-church events/gatherings.

    I’d say the biggest mistake was that the people organizing the events thought that they were good outreach opportunities. But at the same time it was just a churchy dog and pony show. So being clear what the purpose is and what is expected and actually sticking to it is huge.

    the other issue is to keep it from being a %^*# swinging contest. I think this is best solved by bringing in the speaker from outside the community of churches involved. In Hawaii they knew this and would usually bring someone in. Keep the mic out of the hands of any senior/lead pastors hands and you will greatly increase chances of a successful night.

    Vinces last blog post..Me and Spelling or Spelling and I

  3. David Guion

    Hi Alex,

    Sounds like a great night of great potential for worship, prayer and mobilization!

    Several years ago, my friend, Jordan Fowler, used to host a multi-church worship conference. He might have one or two “pointers” for you.

    His site:

    Praying the ONE VOICE Worship Event will magnify the greatness and majesty of our God!


    David Guion

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