I couldn’t resist putting this up early, I love it and I think it will be a cool opener for worship. I know it’s only iMovie standard stuff, but I don’t have a good motion person right now… (know anyone in the Temecula Valley?). The scriptures are a mish mash from Isaiah, and some of the songs we’re doing that night. Check it out:

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  1. The Album Leaf, right? That music makes me wanna dance.

    Jay Sellerss last blog post..AppleCare to the Rescue!!!

  2. Alex,
    This looks cool, you are doing good stuff in the valley there.

    Billy Chias last blog post..2 Brents for Sunday Night

  3. Love it! So excited for friday!!

    Kendra Watsons last blog post..Time for Soccer too

  4. OK wow if that’s standard iMovie stuff then I am TOTALLY under-utilizing iMovie right now!!

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  5. alex

    Jay, good call on the Album Leaf, an incredible track. The other night when I was putting this together I literally had it on repeat in iTunes for about 3 hours, and never got tired of hearing it.

    Conner, yes that’s all in iMovie. What I would have loved to see is something more along the lines of what can be done in motion, after effects, or flash, or some other platform that I don’t know about. Good ol’ motionhouse is a master at that stuff…

  6. Well do you mind helping a brother out? I’ve watched every video tutorial on iMovie on the Apple support page but don’t know how to create movable text like you had on there. Is that something you created outside of iMovie and brought in or am I really missing something?

    WorshipCitys last blog post..Sunday Setlist – Morning Worship Aug 10th

  7. Dude, your iMovie is so much more capable then mine! I’m telling you!

    Awesome presentation. How we going to work it? :-)

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