ONE VOICE Directional Meeting

Today we had a little directional meeting to get our worship leaders on the same page, and to re-introduce them to each other. Everyone’s been busy doing their own things in their own churches, so it was great to hear what God is doing through the eyes of other leaders, and just hang out as friends. Those present were:

We’re all really stoked that this event is growing and coming together with a united vision. Everyone has great attitudes, and we are expecting amazing things for ONE VOICE. Today we nailed down (pretty much) the set list and (pretty much) the band. We’re super excited about combining the talents from many churches into one rockin’ band. That, combined with a multitude of worship leaders should make for a powerful night.

Maybe today if you’re reading this, you could just take a moment to pray for these guys. They’re all amazing people who’s hearts are to lead people closer to God through music. Pray that their relationships would grow stronger and that their lives would reflect Christ more and more every day.

Next post we’ll release another song from the set list.

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