12 thoughts on “One Man Worship Band

  1. auntie em

    Nooooo! He gets it frome his aunt EMMYYYY! 🙂 i love the last note, so awesome, sing it Miles!

  2. WorshipCity

    Hahaha! I love it. Yeah that “guitar” took many shapes and forms. I loved how he really explored the space! Could have used more cowbell though 🙂

  3. Jen White

    The rising rockstar worship leader! Yikes, Jen and Alex!

  4. Jen

    Um excuse me he toatally gets it from is mama!!! Ha Ha just kidding… I think its a family thing! Thats my boy… the future AMERICAN IDOL!

  5. Lisi

    ha ha That was great, he sure is a shy kid though ! we need to work on getting him to express himself. 🙂 Love ya Miles

  6. alex

    …now wait a second. How come no one mentioned his Dad? Helloooooo?

  7. Mahmo Schneider

    Excuse me-has anyone ever seen his Mahmo Schneider perform!!!!! Way to go Miles, chip off the “old” block!! And this is for MIles:

    “Miles You Amaze Me”! (No disrespect to our Lord-The absolute Master of Amazemnt and Grace)
    Love Mahmo

  8. Alex's Mom

    Gosh! I’m still going by that name? You would think I’d actually have a name by now! HA HA – Hey, Alex, did I see some Jimmy Hendrix with that guitar? He’s just like his Dad – multi-talented. But when he’s got a mom who sings and a dad who plays many instruments what do you expect. I’d love to see you bounce around the stage on Sunday morning like that though! What a cute kid – gotta love him!

  9. big mamo

    I can hardly wait to see you on TV with your song! ha ha! Love you.

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