Oklahoma or Bust!

alex & jimmy
Yesterday we said goodbye to some great friends, the Smith’s. Jimmy and Amanda have been our friends for the past 4 years and they are off to Oklahoma of all places. Jimmy and I worked together for about 3 or so years, I as a Media Pastor, and he as an Administrative Pastor. We’ve hung out in Mexico, Romania, Germany (ok it was on the way to Romania), and just as friends and families all over California. We talked seriously about moving to Romania and planting a church, this was after a six hour pub visit in Bucharest with a local pastor. It wasn’t in the cards – at least not yet (actually, we couldn’t convince our wives).

So, we’ll miss the Smith’s, but now we have a good reason to go out to Oklahoma. Cheers to Jimmy, Amanda, Callie, and Cara. May God continue to lead you on his path for your lives, you’ve been a great blessing to the McLean’s.

Check out Jimmy’s site when you have a second.