Office Remix

Today I was feeling overwhelmed with meetings and tasks. So I did the responsible thing and re-arranged my office. I could fib and say that I am trying to increase productivity, but in reality I just needed a new look & feel, and something to do that was pretty brainless, yet satisfying. Here’s the cheezy Treo photos.

5 thoughts on “Office Remix

  1. alex

    Karl, we’ll use another office when I need to be in the ‘power position’…

    Ben, dude – I’d be honored – thanks for stopping by!

  2. Justin Paschal

    I can understand… I’m in the process of moving my office around too.. but as a youth pastor, I’m looking for a used couch and the occasional bean-bag chair for my retrofit. Don’t have the funds for much else. It’s soothing to reorganize!

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