Obama Chooses Rick Warren

I thought this was pretty cool:

WASHINGTON – President-elect Barack Obama on Thursday defended his choice of a popular evangelical minister to deliver the invocation at his inauguration, rejecting criticism that it slights gays.


Well, not gays getting angry thing… Apparently they’re pretty upset that Pastor Rick Warren promoted the Yes on 8 deal (which, by the way, passed). I think it’s kind of silly – all the anger that is stirred up by both sides of this issue – whatever you believe. If 8 had lost all the ‘Christians’ would be just as mad – so I don’t blame those who are angry – I just want to say that it’s time for everyone start being kinder. That’s all.

6 thoughts on “Obama Chooses Rick Warren

  1. alex

    So I was watching the news tonight and Rick Warren is now getting pummeled by Christians for accepting… awesome news.

  2. Alex's Mom

    He’s trying to unruffle the feathers of the Evangelicals which is fine – remember the battering Obama took for the rantings of his “former” pastor who had made a lot of anti-white comments.

    Check out this from John Mark Ministries:

    “Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most respected leaders of modern history. A Hindu, Ghandi nevertheless admired Jesus and often quoted from the Sermon on the Mount. Once when the missionary E. Stanley Jones met with Ghandi he asked him, “Mr. Ghandi, though you quote the words of Christ often, why is that you appear to so adamantly reject becoming his follower?”

    Ghandi replied, “Oh, I don’t reject your Christ. I love your Christ. It’s just that so many of you Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

    Apparently Ghandi’s rejection of Christianity grew out of an incident that happened when he was a young man practising law in South Africa. He had become attracted to the Christian faith, had studied the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, and was seriously exploring becoming a Christian. And so he decided to attend a church service. As he came up the steps of the large church where he intended to go, a white South African elder of the church barred his way at the door. “Where do you think you’re going, kaffir?” the man asked Ghandi in a belligerent tone of voice.

    Ghandi replied, “I’d like to attend worship here.”

    The church elder snarled at him, “There’s no room for kaffirs in this church. Get out of here or I’ll have my assistants throw you down the steps.”

    From that moment, Ghandi said, he decided to adopt what good he found in Christianity, but would never again consider becoming a Christian if it meant being part of the church.

    How we treat those others tells people MORE about what we believe, and what following Jesus means to us, than all the fine sermons we deliver.”

    As Christians we need to make sure we are defending God’s Word….not necessarily what we believe. If Rick Warren can represent Christ to the millions of people watching the inauguration Praise God!

  3. alex

    Yes, excellent comment Alex’s Mom! My favorite line:
    How we treat those others tells people MORE about what we believe, and what following Jesus means to us, than all the fine sermons we deliver.
    If we could only GET that into our souls… but no we’d rather run around telling people how wrong they are, how sinful they are, how much they need to get saved, or get into church, or whatever. And yes, that’s me ranting.

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