Notes from Staff Meeting

Each week our Lead Pastor, John, brings articles to the forefront for us to discuss and learn from. This one is from REV! Magazine (Sept/Oct 2007) entitled, “Overcoming the 5 dysfunctions of Ministry Teams” by Nancy Ortberg. Here’s the highlights:

1. Absence of Trust
Trust isn’t some touchy-feely concept – it’s a practical, actionable component of leadership that allows for teams to make better and faster decisions, directly affecting results.

2. Fear of Conflict
Conflict is basically energy, and when it is not dealt with directly, it leaks out eslewhere.
If we’re passionate about our churches, we will fearlessly engage in conflict so that the church can resolve issues and move forward toward a shared vision.

3. Lack of Commitment
Have you ever gone to a meeting, enduring the meeting, and left the meeting without really knowing what, if anything, got decided? [by the way, yes!]
A mediocre strategy well implemented is better than a great strategy poorly implemented.

4. Avoidance of Accountablility
Holding people accountable is hard work, and it’s not usually fun.
Leadership is about promises, and when we make and keep them – and expect each other to do the same – we live out our leadership with integrity.
Churches may have well-run departments, but I want the worship leader to care about the parking lot attendants, and those that lead small groups to care about the sermon, and the children’s minister to care about world missions.

5. Inattention to Results
When businesses have quarterly loss, they talk about poor return on investment. In churches we tend to “spiritualize” ministry failures…
Few of us wake up in the morning only praying for our oatmeal. Most of us move to cook the oatmeal.

We were asked to share our biggest weakness with one out of the 5. I’ll tell you mine, but you tell me yours first. Suffice to say this, today’s staff meeting really spoke to my heart and changed me.

5 thoughts on “Notes from Staff Meeting

  1. Chris

    I had the chance to do a 1/2 day workshop with Nancy at the Willow Arts conference on this topic and I knew going in (and was reminded when it was over) that #2 is FOR SURE the big one for me.

    I’m learning every day how important it is to bring issues to the forefront with people who work above, alongside and below me and it is not a natural thing for me to do at all.

  2. James McLean

    i pretty much have all those down….jk!
    i would say mine is absence of trust because i have burned by people in ministry before and because i have this mentality that if i don’t do it then it won’t get done right. basically that boils down to pride, ouch!

  3. alex

    Ok so this is for the two of you who replied…

    Mine is definitely #2 (who does #2 work for?, you gotta show that turd who’s boss!)

    I hate having conflict – but this article said “conflict is the only way to true intimacy”, I was like wha?… oh yeaaaaaaaaaaah…

    So, I am learning. I’ve got a lot of growing to do.

  4. James McLean

    i know i’m weird but i love conflict! ha ha! i really do, it gets me in trouble a lot but at least you never have to guess what i’m thinking.

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