Not so Random Video: Beer Run

My wife’s father lives in Decatur, Alabama.
We went out and visited him a few years ago.
While we were there I told Jen we should visit a church.
She said that we didn’t bring our “church clothes”.
I said, “come again?”

Needless to say, we didn’t go to church. There was literally nothing going on (that we could find) that spoke to our generation, or our laid back culture. We ended up driving to Atlanta and going to 7:22 to catch Louie Giglio deep fry a turkey, totally worth it.

All this to say that a few months ago, Jen’s dad called us to say that he found a church in Decatur that reminded him of our church out here in California. A place where he could just be himself. We were totally surprised. The church is Crosspoint Church, and the pastor has a blog and twitters (imagine that!).

Check out this great video he used to introduce the hot topic of alcohol.

Go by and give Pastor Dave a shout out today!

4 thoughts on “Not so Random Video: Beer Run

  1. Billy Chia

    Alabama guy huh? I heard all the cool kids live in Alabama.

    The Catholic church bit in the video is hilarious.

  2. Chris

    That’s the South for you. No beer on Sunday and we still have a few “dry” counties out there.

    @Billy Chia, I beg to differ. The cool kids are here in Georgia. We did get Los back and all.

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