NFL Opening Weekend

123I’m not a huge football fan, but I can really get into a game, especially if it’s the San Diego Chargers or the San Francisco 49er’s (I’m also a sucker for a good snow game!). So I was stoked this weekend when LT threw in the game winning pass – even though SD was robbed from an easy TD by a bad ref call (the Chicago D jumped in way before the snap!).

I didn’t watch the Bufallo game, but I was so bummed out to hear about 25 year old Kevin Everett, the Bills TE. I haven’t even watched the footage (just saw it on yahoo), but I can see it in my mind, a devastating neck injury and a bleak outlook from the doctors – most likely paralized from the neck down.

I guess it’s the price of playing a full contact sport where ton’s of money and fame is on the line every week, but you hate to hear a story like this. Say a prayer for Kevin and his family if you have a second.

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