New Video Backgrounds

transmitJust purchased a new volume of video backgrounds for our media presentation. I know there is a healthy discussion around the web on whether or not to use video backgrounds – we’ve just decided it works for us. This volume called “Transmit 2” is put together by Simply Youth Ministry, and we purchased it from For $40 you get 40 looping videos (a way better deal than paying $8 a pop). Most of these are abstracts, which I tend to like more than “real” videos. I will warn you though that, in my opinion, about 6-8 of these are unusable in worship applications. According to the description, these were designed to go behind announcements for youth ministry, but they work perfect for a worship application, especially if you are using your screens as more a design element than just for words or IMAG. They also come in hand .mov format (as well as mpg’s and some other format I can’t remember now), which is perfect for our Pro-Presenter software which doesn’t like mpg’s or avi’s too well.

One thought on “New Video Backgrounds

  1. eric

    Our Church loves the video backgrounds… especially the new ones… 😉

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