New Series at LifeChurch: Why?

We’re Doing a new series here called Why? Dealing with these questions:

  • Why do we build? (we’re going hit the purpose behind our move)
  • Why do we do small groups?
  • Why pray?
  • Why go to church?
  • Why decide? (salvation)
  • Why now? (serving, obedience, baptism)
  • Why give? (stewardship)

Here’s the graphic I came up with:
The bulletin cover looks better I think, here’s a link to it.

I always love new series’ – a great time to get creative and recreate feels, get fresh. We’re going to use this series to answer some basic, some deep, and some moving questions. We’re also going to be praying for a really moving invitation on the “Why Decide” weekend. Then the next weekend, we are going to introduce our new “deacons” (yup we’re gettin’ all churchy), and challenge people to step up today and serve, get baptized, and hang out after church for our “Why-Fest”, which will just be a fun hang out time. We’re also working on putting giant question marks on stage, and “Ask Me Why” on our name-tags. Of course we are going to try and get some good MOTS videos.

I love feedback, so leave it if you want to!

7 thoughts on “New Series at LifeChurch: Why?

  1. WorshipCity

    I … LOVE … it!
    Great concept and great series and great graphic. Simple yet memorable!
    I wish our church would get more involved in that side of our church, ie. the visuals. I think it’s pretty key for the culture we’re in now. That would involve another staff member probably. We’ll get there though.

  2. James

    “Why?” is such an integral question to the human spirit, so I love your motivation to explore that very question on a spiritual level.

    It’s something I’m struggling with myself right now on some very specific worship-related issue, and I feel like I’m in this bizarre spiritual haze as God has been talking to me and teaching me and rebuking me and loving me. “Why” is the question on my lips too.

  3. alex

    this specific series deals with questions that people who have already made some spiritual faith steps have. I’d love to do this again and deal with issues that people who haven’t event taken some of the first steps, like:
    – why does God allow pain and suffering?
    – why even believe in a God (or your God)
    – why do I feel unsatisfied?
    – why was I created (if I even was at all?)
    What are some other questions?

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