New Series Art

Today we started a new series at Life Church: Rockin’ Through the Summer. I can’t take credit for it because I heard it in someone’s worship confessional, but the idea is great. Take a popular song from each decade and use it for a launch of a spiritual discussion leading to a Biblical truth. Today John used the Stones “Satisfaction” to talk about getting true satisfaction from life – a life with God at it’s center. We were behind in planning, otherwise we would have played the tune. Fortunately we closed with “Heart of Worship” which went well as an exclamation point to the message.

Here’s the Art – I also can’t take 100% credit for it, it was inspired by CMT’s Crossroads Series (see below).

rockin through the summer

cmt crossroads


One thought on “New Series Art

  1. Mike

    Great idea for a series 🙂

    Glad it is going to work for you guys… it’s a fun way to use culture to influence culture. Would love to hear how people respond in your gatherings to the series!

    The series artwork looks cool too!

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