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Most of us have been exposed to Desperation Band from New Life Church in Colorado. I was just surfing around their site this morning after purchasing “Amazed” from iTunes. I found their beliefs page and really liked it:

Core values

Humility and Brokenness: Understanding God’s view of who we are, and then allowing Him to mold us and change us

Intimacy and Power: Learning how to cultivate the Secret Place in our lives and drawing our strength from that relationship with God

Integrity in Relationships: Growing together as “iron sharpening iron”in an atmosphere where we speak the truth in love

Local Church with Global Perspective: Participating in weekly ministry at a life-giving local church with the heart and vision for the nations

Clean Hearts and Good Skill: Cultivating the heart of a worshipper with an attitude of excellence

Ministry Philosophy

A.W. Tozer once wrote, “Thirsty hearts are those whose longings have been wakened by the touch of God within them.” The Worship Ministry at New Life Church exists so that people can know that touch of God, awakening their hearts to pursue Him with their lives. We want to help people experience God and develop a life of worship.

It is our belief that worship is not merely what takes place on weekend services before the sermon; it can happen everyday in everything we are doing. As we offer to God the simple moments and activities of each day, we make our very life an offering of worship, allowing His presence to invade our lives. These are holy moments in which we encounter God and feel His heart for the world. As He fills us, it is our desire that the nations see His glory so that all people will bow their hearts and worship our glorious Savior.

4 thoughts on “New Life Worship

  1. eric

    Yup… I’m still not sure how the whole Ted Haggart thing is sitting with me. Things that make you go ‘hmmmm…”

    Still love what they’re doing… Are you going to the Desperation Conference with me in Birmingham??? My wife said you mentioned something about it.

  2. mandy

    i love this band… they are a source of some solid worship songs.
    thanks for putting this up for readers.

  3. alex

    I blew our conference budget at NAB. I’d love to go and hang out with you and peacock – but it just can’t happen. I hope you have a great time & can’t wait to read/talk about it.

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