I don’t think I’ve posted this video we put together for a series we did a few months ago. It’s one of the favorite videos I’ve done – not too bad for a 20 minute shoot and only a week before the “go live” date! (oh yeah, I already know that “sinfull” is mispelled, didn’t have time to fix it in the edit).

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  1. Jen

    One word Alex…. CHILLS!!!

  2. nice .. love the music .. who is that?

  3. alex

    Fred, are you serious? You’ve never heard that song? I wrote it! And that’s me singing and playing piano!

    Seriously: Casting Crowns – Lifesong.

  4. eric

    Always makes me cry… You should do a follow-up video with the people explaining their stories…


  5. Don’t you have Gil and Lisa’s story on tape? Post it! 😉

  6. Chris Stout

    I have it on DVD at home…They need a good copy of it too…

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