New Favorite TV Show: The Universe (or Did we Land on the Moon?)

universeSo my new favorite show is “The Universe” on the History Channel. It’s really amazing – great graphics, really interesting to watch. So far I’ve seen the Jupiter segment and the Moon segment, both very very interesting. If any of you have seen Louie Giglio’s Indescribable talk on space than you are probably as infatuated with the Universe as I am. I keep saying that “this year I am going to get a telescope…”, it’s been 3 years – no telescope yet. I do have the “NASA Image of the Day” on my Google home page, and I have scoured the Hubble site (this is an AMAZING site). I just love seeing what is out there – it is truly amazing and a total argument for a Created Universe as far as I am concerned.

Now onto, “Did we Land on the Moon”. A buddy of mine turned me onto a conspiracy theory that NASA faked all the moon landing hoopla and we never did actually land a man on the moon. One thing that I saw on “The Universe” was that Niel Armstrong left behind a mirror contraption that we ping a laser off of to measure the distance of the moon from the Earth – so if we never went to the moon, how did it get there and is that a lie too? Very interesting, but I honestly don’t have time to watch & read all the theories, so I basically am thinking – so what. It’s pretty unbelievable that we did actually land on the moon, and governments are pretty good at cover-ups, so it’s not that out of the question that we didn’t land on the moon.

Conspiracy links in case you are interested:


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