New Artist: Matt Kearney

mattkIf you have not heard Matt Kearney yet you need to! He toured with John Mayer and Sheryl Crow last summer and will soon be opening for Kelly Clarkson. His music has been featured on TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. He has been described as a mix of Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Beck. His music is great and lyrics are insightful. I like the song “Won’t Back Down” :

Hallelujah ripped through my veins
I heard the hammer drop
My blood in the rain
Hallelujah came like a train
When all is lost
All is left to gain

If you want to read more about him there is a great article on ccmonline.
Also, you can visit his website
Itunes has his album for only $7.99!

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2 thoughts on “New Artist: Matt Kearney

  1. alex mclean

    Dude! I think Matt Kearny is amazing – I’ve been listening to him for at least a year now and he always sounds fresh. I think I found out about him from my buddy Vince, or looking for a Paul Write song or something. But yeah – powerful lyric!

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