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We are heading out for our Staff Advance on Monday morning. I am supposed to teach a session on “How to effect Change in your Ministry“. I know it’s a little vague, but I want to do my best. I have started putting some ideas down – one that immediately came to me was that, you and your team have to know why you are changing, without that you will have nowhere to lead from or to, and your team will not follow. In other words, I have a hard time buying into change for the purpose of change, there’s got to be a vision and a way to measure results.

Another thought is constantly preparing for change by engaging in:

  • networking with other ministry leaders
  • blogging
  • time in conversation with God (prayer & his word)
  • researching other ministries/organizations
  • reading books

So I am thinking of a basic outline that looks like this:

  • The lifestyle of Change (constantly looking around and ahead)
  • The birth of Change (prayer, close relationships, leadership, why?)
  • The preparation for Change (selling the vision, communication, marketing, what, when & why?)
  • The hard work of Change (where the rubber meets the road, how) *I don’t like this title*
  • The effects of Change (results, feedback, learning, humility, leadership)

I’d love some last minute feedback, ideas, thoughts, just anything that I can bounce around and include or exclude. I definitely don’t want to pack too much info into this – I may just do the middle three points. So chime in and help me out!

10 thoughts on “Need Your Input

  1. Vince

    Crisis breeds change. Create a crisis and you will see change. the best change happens when the people are screaming for it.

  2. eric

    How about, “communicating change”… Did you watch 722 last month? Big change… Bigger communication…

  3. James McLean

    i am with vince on this one, most times i won’t change until i go through something tough and i get desperate enough to change.
    the two questions i ask now which inspire change are:
    1. am i becoming more like Christ?
    2. are lives being changed and becoming more like Christ through things i am involved with?

  4. James

    One important thing I always try and remember when approaching the subject of change is that it’s important to identify the things that do not need to change as well as those that do. It’s easy to go ‘all in’ with a change in ministry and ministry strategy, but sometimes that results in throwing out the baby with the bath water. The old saying, ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ holds some truth.

  5. jordan fowler

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    (seriously, i’ll ask Cristian, our Chilean Web Guru…he should know).

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