National Day of Prayer

We went to the Murrieta Prayer Breakfast – our church had a table, you can see us there on the right hand side. This has kind of been a tradition for the past 10 years or so. Many local churches along with business men & women, fire fighters, police, etc. all come and eat breakfast, pray, and hear from a guest speaker. This year it was Monty Sharp, who runs our local Student Venture (the high school version of Campus Crusade for Christ). Jen and I didn’t get to stay to hear him becasuse Miles had to get to school and I had a meeting to get to. But we spent some time praying for our local, state, & national governments and we saw some old friends. Good times.

What did you do for National Day of Prayer?

2 thoughts on “National Day of Prayer

  1. bobby

    Good stuff. Monty married Rachel and I. He has been a mentor of mine and is a pretty incredible guy. I attribute me going back into ministry to his encouragement. Hope the rest enjoyed him!

  2. alex

    Monty was pretty big in my life too. I was involved in Student Venture in HS, and spent some time being mentored/discipled by him.

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