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Many of you (337 to be exact) follow me on Twitter. Many of you don’t. For those who don’t, let me just say you are missing out! Twitter has been called a ‘micro-blog’ – it’s 140 character updates. What you’re doing, funny sightings, information sharing, etc. It’s alive, and just another great way to be social. One of my favorite functions of Twitter is a little application called Twitpic. It allows you to snap a photo on your phone and share it with the world in a matter of seconds. Simply amazing.

So here’s some of my Twitpic’s that you’ve missed out on if you don’t Twitter (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for?).

Can't wait! on TwitPicSpider in miles toys! on TwitPic@jenmclean said to get tide or all $10 says I pick wrong one on TwitPicA gift to me today - yay! on TwitPic

Are we about to get ripped off right now? on TwitPic25 portugeuse at in n out barstow... on TwitPicNext time I'll cut the recipe in half maybe? on TwitPicHappy sunset from the left coast! on TwitPic2 HD's and an Archos hooked up - cleaning house! on TwitPicU can't see this but gas is under $4 ! on TwitPicStarbucks date with Macy & Daddy on TwitPicMr mom chef in the houuuse! on TwitPicThe finished product! on TwitPicLunch is served... on TwitPicThe guy from 300 in an iron maiden shirt - classic! on TwitPicName that musician! on TwitPicAbout to enjoy this! on TwitPicDinner on TwitPicKeep it or shave it? on TwitPicJohn Mayer is doin Tom Petty's Free Fallin! on TwitPicJohn mayer is schooling everyone! on TwitPicWaiting for John Mayer (with our 2 friends...?) on TwitPicWill we run out of gas waiting to exit the frwy? on TwitPicI found my thumbdrive... on TwitPicPizza w the kids on TwitPicBest wedding cake ever? on TwitPicCame home to this tonight... on TwitPicAnyone recognize this shirt? on TwitPic

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