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A few months ago I started reading about standing and walking desks. I first decided to create a walking desk at my home, so I simply put a shelf across the hand rails and that was it. I added  a couple speakers and setup my laptop and I was in business. I can work for a couple hours at a time and walk about 1-2 miles per hour, not breaking a sweat. After using the walking desk for about a month or so I decided to get rid of my oversized executive desk at my office and replace it with a standing desk.

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Ever since I did that I get people coming into my office and asking why I did it and how it’s going, so I thought I’d just share it here.

Here’s a picture of the walking desk. All it is is a shelving board cut down and laid across the armrest of a treadmill. Please forgive all the junk around out…

Why I did it:

  • Sitting down all day (or most of the day) is unhealthy. Standing is better for your posture, relieves back pain and burns more calories. In fact this article states that those who sit for more than 6 hours a day are 54% more likely to die of heart attacks!
  • Sitting down led to hours and hours of work with no breaks – not good.
  • Sitting down kept me from interacting with those around me.
  • I didn’t feel comfortable or creative at a giant wood executive “L” shaped desk, it just wasn’t me.
  • Sitting down is dumb!
What I’ve noticed since working at a Standing desk:
  • First of all, it looks cool.
  • Everyone asks about it, almost the same exact question, “You stand and work all day?”.
  • I feel more productive and creative.
  • I tend to work faster and smarter.
  • When I get tired of standing, my body almost forces me to stop working and take a walk around the office; go chat with a coworker, walk outside, change environments.
  • Impromptu meetings are not an interruption or distraction – they’re very natural, and that’s how I like to work – I hate “appointment” mentality.
  • I now have to wear decent shoes. I tried working all day with sandals – that wasn’t smart.
  • Meetings that may have rabbit trailed all over seem to be a little more focused when standing – I think people sense the need to keep moving to find closure.
  • Standing rocks!
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Here’s the pieces of my standing desk. It’s assembled from two old drafting type tables and a regular 6-foot folding table. I simply cleaned everything, put the two desk frames together, bolted the table top (after removing all hardware), and then touched up the black legs with paint.

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Here’s the desk, cleaned, assembled and painted – ready to be taken to the office and tried out.

4 thoughts on “My Standing Desk

  1. Vince

    nice dude. A few people around our office have gone the way of the standing desk. I dig it. I’m not in my office enough to go for it though.

  2. John

    I would like to see a picture of it in the context of your office. Just curious how its changed the function and layout of your entire space.

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